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Arlo Gibb

Written by Arlo Gibb

October 17,2016

The Only 5 Insurance Content Marketing Options For Your Brokerage

Content marketing is growing in popularity among insurance brokerages, thanks to its ability to drive targeted traffic to your business' website. 


As your prospective customers are searching for information or businesses online, it is crucial that your brokerage engage in some form of online marketing.


Insurance content marketing has become so popular because it brings customers to you, rather than you having to advertise to get their attention.


By providing content that has value for readers, you'll get inbound requests for more information instead of having to constantly chase down new customers.


So how do you go about getting started with content marketing? There are 5 primary ways you can do this:



1. Write and Manage Your Own Content In-House


You can, by all means, handle your content marketing efforts internally.


However, this requires you to gain relevant experience in this area yourself.


Through the process of trial and error, you may eventually come up with a strategy that works well for your business, but this can take time.


You'll also need to have someone on staff who is a good writer and understands search engine optimization.


Dedicating time to social media is important as well, not just for posting your own content, but for engaging with your customers as well.


When you are first starting out, it may be helpful to evaluate what your competitors are doing to give you a starting point.


The more you can take the time to learn, the more successful you are likely to be in your content marketing efforts.

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2. Outsource the Creation of Your Content to Be Implemented In-House


In this scenario, you'll pay someone else outside of your organisation to create the content for you, but the management of that content will stay in-house.


Be sure to find someone who is qualified as a writer and who has experience with insurance and related topics.


It is also important for your content creator to have a firm understanding of SEO so that he or she can utilize targeted keywords in your content.


Some writers are better than others in this area, so be sure to do your research before contracting with someone.


As with the first scenario, you'll still have to manage your content and dedicate time to social media and other promotional efforts. It doesn't matter how valuable your content is if your prospective customers don't know that it is there.



3. Employ an Inbound and Content Marketing Professional


Rather than taking your team members or yourself away from your regular job duties in order to handle your organisation's content marketing efforts, you also have the option to hire a content and inbound marketing specialist.


This way, you'll have a specific person on staff who understands your brand goals and who is fully dedicated to your content marketing.


However, this option can be costly for your business, as you will have to pay this person a full salary.


It is also possible to hire someone part-time to handle this job, but you are likely to see greater results from someone who is fully dedicated to your organisation, rather than someone who is only there a fraction of the time.



4. Subscribe to an Inbound and Content Marketing Platform, Such as HubSpot


An inbound and content marketing platform, like HubSpot, can help guide your business throughout the process of content creation and marketing.

Platforms like this can offer a variety of services, including SEO, marketing automation, email marketing, and more.


It is important to note, however, that you will still have responsibility for managing your own campaigns.


While the platform streamlines the process for you and can provide resources to guide you along the way, much of the work still falls to you.


It will be up to you to decide whether or not the services and functionality of a particular platform are valuable enough to your organisation to warrant the cost of membership to the platform.


The answer will vary depending on your unique budget and needs.


5. Partner with an Inbound and Content Marketing Company to Create, Implement and Manage a Custom Strategy


Partnering with a content marketing company will provide the most comprehensive service for your organisation, but it can also come with the highest price tag from the five options outlined.


With this method, you'll have the benefit of having a team of experienced content marketers at your disposal.


You'll work with these marketers to develop a strategy for your business that is uniquely tailored to your organisation's goals and requirements.


Because the content marketing company has experience in this area, your business will be able to hit the ground running with your new content strategy, likely leading to the quickest results.





Each of these strategies has its own host of benefits and drawbacks. You'll have to weigh the pros and cons of each option to decide which is best suited to the needs of your business.


Just as no two insurance businesses are alike, so too must their marketing strategies be different.


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