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Arlo Gibb

Written by Arlo Gibb

October 10,2016

Why Brokers Should Focus On Creative Insurance Marketing


As more and more businesses are starting to employ content marketing in an effort to engage their current and prospective customers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make your content stand out from the masses.


The internet offers a wealth of information on virtually every topic imaginable, so how can you make sure that your content is what your readers want to see?


Particularly in the insurance industry, which can be somewhat of a dry topic at times, creative insurance marketing is important to stand out from the crowd and show case your expertise as an industry expert.


Read on to learn why creative content will attract more potential future customers.



New Call-to-action


Creative Topics Reach a Broader Audience


If every single post on your blog is specifically about insurance, you are severely limiting your audience.


Try to think of other topics that are related to insurance to bring in a wider audience. For example, you could give a post the headline, "How to Set Up a Business - Everything You Need to Know."


At first, this might not seem related to your business, but one of the key points in the article could be the advantages of obtaining business insurance.


The goal is not to promote your business outright, but rather to ease the reader into the idea, so that by the end of the article, your business will be the first one they think of when they need business insurance.



Search Engine Optimization


Optimizing keywords and phrases will help boost your website on Search Engine Result Pages.


So, for example when someone searches for ‘’how to set up a company’’ your blog post shows organically on the first page of the search results - and they choose to click on your website first.



Be Innovative!


By writing about a broader topic than just insurance itself, you are opening up your blog to receive a wider range of readers, not just those who are searching for information about insurance.


Think about different buyer personas and various situations in which a reader might need insurance, like buying a new car, renting an apartment, or having a first child.


Write about the difference between leasing and financing cars, for example, noting that, whichever route readers take, they will ultimately need to insure the vehicle.


This way, you'll grab readers who are thinking about buying or leasing a car, rather than only those looking for car insurance.


For renting an apartment, you could write about security precautions to make sure your apartment is safe, like always locking your doors and, of course, purchasing Landlord insurance to protect your belongings.


Think about what readers might want to know, then think about how it can be tied back into insurance.


In the example of having a first child, a possible topic could be, "What You Need to Do Before Your New Baby Arrives." This could include tips like setting up the nursery, stocking up on diapers, choosing a paediatrician, and obtaining life insurance for yourself.



Why It Works


The goal is to bring in a broader audience of readers than merely those searching for information about insurance.


By incorporating insurance information into the content that people are more likely to be searching for, you will increase the chances that customers will come to your business first when it does come time for them to purchase insurance.


Through inbound marketing, your customers will come to you, rather than you having to chase after their business.


Over time, your business will be seen as an authority in your industry, thanks to the valuable content that you share on a regular basis.



Creative Content Is More Memorable


Think about some of the most recent content you saw online recently.


Which pieces of content were the most memorable?


If you're like most people, it wasn't a long post packed with detailed information about a topic; it was more likely something that connected with you on a personal level, even if it didn't provide as much information.


A great way to make your content stand out to your customers is to incorporate personal stories that they can relate to.


While this could be a fictional story based on real clients, it is much better if the story is about an actual person. This feels much more genuine and believable than a fabricated advertising piece.


Find a customer who had a great experience with your insurance company, and share his or her story of how having insurance made a bad situation just a little bit better.


The goal is to provide an inspiring or heart-warming message that will stick in your customers' minds so that they'll think of your business first when it comes to insurance.


You could share stories through blog posts or on social media, and this is a great way to incorporate video. Visual media adds to the memorability of your content, as your customers can actually see the person, hear their voice, and feel their emotion in the story.


Make sure that your content is shareable so that your readers or viewers can tell their friends and followers about your story. Include social media sharing buttons on every page of your blog and website, and don't be shy about encouraging your customers to share and comment on your content.



Learn More!


For more information about how creative content marketing can help you build your insurance business, download our eBook, “Insurance Broker's guide to website enhancement for serious lead generation”.

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