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10 Reasons Why a Blog Is Vital to Insurance Marketing


Does your insurance brokerage have a blog yet?


A blog is one of the most effective tools in your insurance marketing tool kit to connect with clients and expand your professional reach.


Despite the myriad benefits, many brokers still do not utilise blogging on their websites.


The fact is, publishing engaging, informative content on a consistent basis will help to grow your business.


Research shows that 81 percent of consumers trust the information posted on blogs and 61 percent have made a purchase based on what they read in a blog post.



It's Time for the Insurance Industry to Embrace Digital Marketing And the Power of Blogging.


With outdated organisational structures, legacy technology, and an older workforce (the average age of insurance professionals is 59), the insurance industry is notorious for being behind the digital marketing curve.


Insurers themselves admit that they are not taking advantage of all that digitisation can bring to their profession and could benefit from more insurance marketing tips.


In a global survey, 80 percent said they did not feel that they were anywhere near mastering digital technology, but know how important embracing digital media is in order to stay ahead.


Engaging with customers and educating potential clients with a blog is a powerful way to give your brokerage a competitive advantage in the digital age.


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Here are ten tips for boosting your insurance marketing strategy with your blog.


1. Expand your customer reach.


Through blogging, you will be able to connect with more people than you ever could have with traditional marketing techniques like paid ads or cold calls.


If done well, your brokerage can enjoy a steady flow of visitors who wish to learn more about the industry, and possibly purchase insurance, because of your blog.


You’ll also open your business up to more millennial customers, who are more comfortable researching products and doing business online.



2. Communicate with your target audience.


The goal of insurance marketing is to attract leads and turn them into paying customers.


With a blog you can give your target audience the content they are searching for, make them aware of their problems, and provide them with the solution (you!) all within one 500-word post.



3. Improve your branding.


Your blog is a powerful platform for expressing your brand values.


Infuse them into your content and your brand’s messaging will resonate with your readers, giving potential clients a clear picture of what your brokerage is all about.



4. Improve your Google rankings with SEO.


This is one of the most important insurance marketing tips to stay on top of.


Through blogging, you can effectively input fresh, relevant, and updated organic content into your website – just what you need for a high page ranking on Google, Bing, and other search engines.


This will make it easier for your target audience to find you when they browse for insurance information.



5. Give your brokerage a personable presence.


Let your website visitors see that your brokerage is made up of human beings.


Through a blog, you can express the personality of your business, letting your firm’s character really shine through.


This can help potential leads feel more comfortable with your firm.



6. Showcase your expertise.


One of the goals of marketing, especially in the insurance industry, is to build trust.


With your blog, you will have the chance to demonstrate your knowledge, signalling that your brokerage is an experienced firm.


Don’t be afraid to sprinkle your posts with mentions of your broker qualifications, certifications, and experience.


You can also talk about industry awards and recognition your brokerage has received.



7. Comment on industry developments.


Use your blog to feature the latest news in your field.


Talk about changes to insurance, current events, industry conferences, and other relevant news items.


This will help to establish your website – and thereby your brokerage – as an important source for updates and essential information within the industry.



8. Establish your brokerage as an industry leader.


While this does take time and consistent publishing, a blog can be used to help your business stand out as a leader in the industry.


Through the previous tips for insurance marketing through your blog – expressing your expertise, commenting on what is going on in your region, and even globally, and using a consistent, authoritative brand voice within your posts, you can build up a very positive reputation as a broker.



9. Embed a variety of content to capture leads.


An excellent tip for insurance blogs is to use the blogging platform to also share other types of content such as eBooks, white papers, and infographics.


This will help to increase customer engagement, but also establish your brokerage as a trusted, knowledgeable source.



10. Stay at the forefront of your audience’s minds.


In order to effectively market through your blog, you will want to publish content regularly.


This is a commitment to your profession and to establishing your brokerage as an industry leader. It also has a subtle, yet powerful impact.


It keeps your brand in people’s minds.


If people come to your blog to find answers to their questions, then when they go to look for coverage for themselves or are asked by a friend or coworker where to buy insurance, chances are, they will think of your brokerage.


Digital marketing can improve your lead conversion rate by as much as 20 percent.


What are you waiting for?


Include blogging in your insurance marketing strategy.



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