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20 Advantages of Social Media for Insurance Brokers

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Are you satisfied with your social media strategies?


Most insurance brokers are using social media, but many are still not tuned in to just how useful social platforms can be as part of their lead generation strategies.


We’ve compiled 20 incredible advantages of social media that you and your brokerage need to be tapping into.

 1. Connect With Clients Everywhere


Being able to connect with clients, wherever they are; this is the dream for the modern insurance broker.


Clients come to you from a range of different channels; use social media to cover all the bases.


2. Understand Your Clients Better


Social media is designed for direct engagement.


Speak with your clients, take a look at what they share, and understand what they need.

3.Promote Your Stand Out Content


 advantages of social media2.jpg

Your content strategy is going great, but you need to push your content to more users.


Social media is perfect for this; create content, post it on your site, then share it via your social media channels.





 4. Gain Authority by Promoting Content of Others


Of course, it’s not just about promoting your own content.


Share links to great content produced by others; focus on genuine worth for your visitors and build your authority in the insurance market.




 5.Get to the Heart of the Insurance Conversation


What are clients talking about?


What are the current buzz topics in your marketplace?


Use social media to find out.


It’s much cheaper than hiring a consultant to tell you all about market trends, and it doubles up as a tool to place you at the heart of the action.

 6. Diversify Your Strategies


 advantages of social media4.jpg

It is no longer enough for insurance brokerages and brokers to have one or two strategies for marketing and engagement.


The modern broker needs many different tools to draw upon, and social media provides this.





 7. Be All about the Client Experience


Clients appreciate personal responses and one to one support. Social media gives us the perfect platform to achieve this.



 8. Convert Leads Better


The above also applies to individuals who haven’t quite made the leap to a converted client just yet.


Give them what they need via social media and increase rates of conversion.



 9.Boost SEO


Focusing on a social media platform might seem like an odd way to drive SEO on your own website, but it works. Sharing links via social media increases shares and impressions and drives traffic to your site. All of this boosts your own site's SEO.



 10.Target Loyalty


Clients create strong bonds on social media. Studies have shown that they remain loyal to the brands they follow online. Use this to your advantage.


 11. Understand Your Competition


 advantages of social media3.jpg

It is not just clients you need to be talking to and monitoring online; it is your competitors too.


Social media gives you a vantage point from which to observe the actions of your fellow brokers. Watch, learn, and plan your next move.





 12. Target Users Across Time and Space


The smart thing about social media is that you can use tools to configure the platform.


This enables you to send messages directly to users at specific times and in particular places, via tools like Hootsuite or a complete content management system like HubSpot.



 13. Analyse Everything


An insurance broker can never have too much insight into the market.


It is only through using powerful analytics that brokers can begin to get the understanding they need.


Social media provides tonnes of data, which you can use to feed these analytics.



 14. Great ROI from Marketing Investment


advantages of social media6.jpg


Imagine having a load of free-to-use marketing tools to expand your reach and boost your effectiveness without breaking your marketing budget.


No need to imagine; social media provides all the tools you need.




 15. Strong Advertising Opportunities


Traditional advertising is not dead, but it has changed. Social media channels provide additional platforms by which to reach potential clients using paid advertising; use them, and use them well.



 16. Network, Network, Network


Success in an insurance brokerage means connecting with the right people.


Everyone -- from potential clients, through future partners, right up to revered industry experts -- can be reached via social media.



 17. Introduce a Visual Element


Coloured visuals make users 80% more likely to click and consume a piece of content.


Social media gives insurance brokers a platform by which to introduce this vital visual element.



 18. Strengthen Your Brand


 advantages of social media5.jpg

Use social media to create associations between your company and major client plus-points – such as quality customer service and value for money.


This will give you a strong brand.




19. Be Recognised for the Right Reasons


Social media is full of information on positive causes, campaigns and events.


Connect with these, do some social good, and be recognised for all the right reasons.



 20. Turn Bad Reviews into Positive Engagement


Negative reviews on social media should never be ignored.


On average, a broker will need to ensure twelve positive experiences from clients to balance out a single negative review. However, social media gives brokers a way to respond; use this platform to showcase your great service and to turn a bad review into a positive one.



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