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How to Boost Facebook Lead Generation for Insurance Brokers


Lead ads – targeted ads that give leads the ability to enter contact information for immediate follow-up – are an often underused asset on Facebook.  


In fact, Facebook lead generation can give you a huge boost in identifying your targets. This can lead to even better success from your paid ad campaigns.

The Benefits of Facebook Leads

Lead ads on Facebook offer you all the following perks:


Already Integrated Contact Forms: No need to try and funnel people to your landing page. Instead, these ads have an easy-to-use form built right in.


Customisable Forms: You have the control on exactly what type of questions you want to have in your forms.


Easy Lead Analysis: Facebook allows you to download your leads directly. You can also import this data with a CRM platform.


Affordable Rates: These ads are available at a highly affordable rate to help you get the most out of your advertising budget.

As an insurance broker, what can you do to take advantage of this small-but-effective social media niche?


Check out everything you need to know about setting up your ad campaign – and getting lead generation results in this highly competitive industry.



How to Set Up Ads for Your Facebook Lead Generation


Are you looking for a clear and direct guide on how to advertise with Facebook?


Have a look below to see how easy the process is for your brokerage company.


social media for insurance


1. Create a Business Page if You Haven’t


Facebook lead generation 3.png


 This step should be obvious, but you need to have a business page on Facebook to take advantage of lead ads!

Configure the business to add as much detail as possible.



Facebook also requires the following before you start setting up: 


Privacy Policy: You’ll need to have a link to your company’s privacy policy – exactly how you’ll use any lead information you get through ads.


Image: Facebook recommends a 1200x628 resolution at 1.9:1 image ratio for the ads to display properly. The image allows up to 90 characters, 25 characters for a headline, and 30 characters for your link description.



2. Click on Ads Manager

You’ll want to click on the Ads Manager tab.


After selecting your business, you’ll see a page like this:

Facebook lead generation 4.png



3. Choose the Collect Leads for Your Business Tab


Choose a relevant name for your Campaign Name, then click ‘Create Ad Account.’


Facebook lead generation 5.png



4. Configure Your Ad Page


On the left Options Menu, select Page.


Facebook lead generation 6.png


Here you can adjust all the major components of your lead campaign


These include the following:


● Audience

● Ad Placement


● Monetary Budget


● Release Schedule



5. Get Specific

From here, you’ll be prompted to configure all the specific information related to your leads.


You’ll want to have all the following ready:


Images and Videos: Include this content based on Facebook’s guidelines as mentioned above.


Ad Text: This includes the headline, call-to-action, and other text.



6. Create Your Form

Select the Lead Form option and add all the relevant data you’d like included on your form.

Facebook lead generation 7.png

Take your time to customise this form to ensure you’ll get all the information you want in your campaign.


You can also use the Form Preview button to see what the form will look like before you submit.



For a more detailed analysis of exactly how to get your Facebook Lead Generation campaign in motion, have a look at Facebook’s step-by-step task list.



Insurance Broker Best Practices on How to Advertise on Facebook

Now that you understand how to set up your Facebook lead generation, how can you shape it to yield the best results in your insurance brokerage?


Below, have a look at a few best practice tips on ensuring you make the most out of your lead ad spending.



● Engage Your Audience Directly

Facebook is a social media site. That means you need to do what you can to take advantage of that social element. This comes in the form of active engagement on and off your ads.

Insurance isn’t something which is particularly unique to each broker. While there are plenty of companies, there are also plenty of other brokers who offer similar insurance packages.

The key to standing out, then, is engaging your target audience.

When you regularly engage with your customers and leads on Facebook, you’re distinguishing and individualising yourself among the competition. And this type of engagement will help resonate in the targeted ads you send to your leads.



● Get Specific and Contextual

In a lead ad, you want to add some specifics beyond what you would in other marketing. This is because you're directly requesting your leads to take action right now (by filling out a form).

For instance, let’s say you’re offering a discount for online signups as a promotion. You’ll want your ad to specifically mention that the discount only applies when you sign up using the supplied form.

This type of specificity will prevent any confusion with your leads to enhance the overall results of your lead generation campaign.



● Include a Reason to Act Now

Remember, you’re asking your leads to do something for you by signing up on your contact forms. As a result, you should give something back as an incentive to act now.

Rewards could include a free consultation, discounts on services, package deals, and other related perks. No matter what you choose, give your audience a good reason to act now and complete your lead form!



● Nurture and Grow Your Leads by Integrating with Hubspot

Best of all, you can nurture and grow your leads using a variety of tools. These tools –particularly Hubspot – can automate the process of lead nurturing. This means you’ll get even better targeted results with an easy-to-use platform.



Take Your Insurance Broker Business Even Further

Facebook lead generation 8.png                                                                                           

Want to learn more about the power of Facebook lead generation and other tools for your insurance brokerage business? 



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