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How-To Guide for Facebook Insurance Marketing

Category: Social Media


There is a misconception that Facebook is not a good marketing platform for B2B companies because Facebook is deemed to be a more personal social channel. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


What we need to remember is as Insurance Brokers we are not helping companies we are actually helping the people within those organisations.


Marketing and sales need to go away from B2B lead generation and start thinking more human-to-human and Facebook is the best platform by far to leverage these human-to-human relationships.


Facebook can be a very powerful tool for insurance brokers - as long as it is used effectively. If you know how to use the right techniques, you can leverage Facebook to extend your marketing reach.


One of the primary advantages of Facebook – at least from social media marketing and a commercial point of view – is the sheer number of users the platform enjoys. In terms of audience reach and active members, no other platform comes close in the Australian market.


So how do you make the most of your marketing efforts on Facebook?


There are a lot of techniques and strategies that you can use to increase the success of your Facebook marketing campaign.



Here are some important tips to keep in mind


Use a Tracking URL


One of the initial steps that you should take when you are setting up a Facebook ad campaign is to create a tracking URL for the landing page of your website.


This will help you to track how many clicks come from your particular campaign on Facebook.


 facebook insurance marketing 5.pngOne way of doing this very effectively and quickly if you are a HubSpot user is by using HubSpot’s tracking URL builder.


When visitors to the website come from this specific URL, HubSpot will see the token and separate the traffic so that you can see how well that campaign performed.


Google Analytics is another great tool for tracking. When you are able to measure a campaign, it is much easier to understand how you can tweak and improve it.




Targeting Your Ads


One of the most powerful features of Facebook marketing is that it allows you to target your ads to a very precise demographic.


For example, you can target males or females and pinpoint your campaign to a specific age group or location. You can even choose interests that your advertising targets share, or groups that they belong to.


This type of highly targeted advertising is very effective and it allows you to create a very powerful campaign. You won’t waste money advertising to people who are not interested in your campaign, you will be directing your ads to the people who are most likely to click on them.


For example, (depending on the market for your type of insurance) targeting just men or women can make a major difference. It is also possible to target towards interests, although this is less effective these days due to spam. Your best bet at the moment is to create a custom audience.


Facebook has an amazing feature called Graph Search, which will allow you to narrow down your search for the right audience.


For example, you could search for “Men over the age of 30 who live in Australia and like Travel ” or other specifications. This allows you to target your ads to a very specific demographic.


You can experiment with the audience to find what best fits your business and you can even do A/B tests to see what type of questions or images are driving your conversions.


facebook insurance marketing 1.png

It is even possible to upload an email list that you have previously gathered so that you can use it as the target audience for your ads.


Or, you could convert your Newsletter subscribers into a targeted audience.


Facebook also has a feature called “Lookalike Audience” which allows you to target people who are very similar to those in your list.






When you choose the right custom audience, you can dramatically increase your return on investment. 


facebook insurance marketing 6.jpgInfographric credit: Wordstream



The Image is Crucial


Having an eye catching image is very important when you are putting together a Facebook ad, as this is the visual element that will catch the eye of your potential buyer as they are scrolling through their newsfeed.


A Facebook post with an image will get many more clicks than one without. The more visually appealing the image, the more likely the viewer’s eye will be drawn toward it.


The image should be large and high resolution. There are many websites out there that offer beautiful public domain images that you can use, or you could sign up to a stock image website and purchase the perfect image to use with your campaign.


Make sure that you are only using images that you have purchased or are within the public domain, so that you don’t have any copyright issues.


The recommended image size for your Facebook ads is 600 x 315 pixels.


This goes for regular posting as well, showing people you are human is a great example!

facebook insurance marketing 2.png


One of the great benefits of Facebook is it is the best platform to communicate and build personal rapport with others. Don’t be shy to show people you are human! Direct Insurance Brokers do this well by sharing a little snippet of their office life.



Appeal to Both Emotion and Logic


When buyers are making purchasing decisions, they are not just choosing based on logic. They are also responding to their emotions, which drive a lot of the decisions we make subconsciously - even if we don’t realise it.


When you are creating a Facebook ad it should appeal to the rational decision making process - as well as any emotions that the potential customer might have that will drive them towards your product.


Stop talking about yourself!


Let’s be honest as much as we all love insurance all of your followers will soon switch off if all you are doing is talking about yourself. Be helpful!


facebook insurance marketing 3.png

Elliot Insurance Brokers have nailed this. They are speaking directly to Business Owners by understanding issues they face in their business and helping them with a solution.



Placing Ads in the Newsfeed


When it comes to where to place your Facebook insurance ads, the newsfeed is the best option for driving leads and sales.


When people “Like” and comment on the ad, this will increase its reach to their friends groups and generate organic additional results.


It is also possible to place your Facebook ad in the right hand column. This is a cheaper option, however it does have a lower performance level. It can be good for a follow up campaign or for retargeting, but it will not be as effective.


Share relevant industry updates

 facebook insurance marketing 4 (2).png

Here’s a great example from Northco Insurance Brokers. There was a major event in New Zealand and Northco have communicated a serious issue people should be made aware of.


It also offers a great platform to open up discussion and potentially answer any questions people may have.



Share an Infographic


Infographics are great for explaining complex ideas or statistics in a way that is engaging, appealing and enjoyable to look at.


facebook insurance marketing 8.png

Infographic credit: Sherpa Insurance 


There are a lot of great infographics out there for the insurance industry and they could potentially generate a lot of interest when shared with your Facebook followers.


Make sure that you include the credit to show where the infographic is from. You could even encourage discussion by asking your customers what they think and whether or not their experiences match the stats on the infographic.



Keep Your Budget in Mind


When it comes to planning your Facebook ad campaign it is a good idea to set a daily limit on the amount of money that you want to spend so you can keep control of how much you are spending. You can always increase the budget later when you start to see some growth.


You don’t want to spend more than you can afford on ads, but you also don’t want to spend not enough. You may not reach enough people for your campaign to be effective.


After all, Facebook advertising is like anything else in the world in that you get what you pay for.



Facebook Insurance Marketing


These are just a few crucial things that you should keep in mind when it comes to using Facebook for your insurance marketing. When it is used correctly, this tool can be very effective for spreading the word about your business and gaining more customers.



What have been your experiences with Facebook marketing for your insurance business?

Let us know in the comments below.


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