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How Insurance Marketing Software Catapults Business Growth


The whole point of marketing is to fuel sales and grow your business.



Without it you're trying to paddle upstream against a strong current, this includes marketing without a well thought out and executed strategy.  



In an evolving and increasingly competitive world, we all know that if something is to be done then it must be executed with precise intent otherwise it may simply get lost in all the noise.



This couldn’t be more true in the marketing of insurance.



Insurance marketing software separates the roles of marketing and sales but seamlessly brings the two together to work in unison by nurturing a lead until a quote is requested, then passing it onto sales for the broker to complete.  



You see…



As a broker you don’t want to worry about the hassle of marketing and filtering through leads to find the good ones, you simply want to be notified when a lead has been qualified and requested a quote so you can do what you do best and complete the sale.



This is exactly where smart insurance marketing software comes in, it attracts people looking for insurance, converts potential customers into leads, nurtures these leads through the sales funnel until they are ready to request a quote and passes them onto the broker.



This is what we call inbound marketing combined with smart lead nurturing, designed specifically for insurance brokers.



As a broad overview it looks like this:




  • Attract – Content that answers potential customers questions is published regularly in the form of a blog, news, updates, latest posts or whatever you want to call your insurance blog.

  • Convert – Lead magnets with further information are provided in exchange for potential customers contact details, creating the lead.

  • Nurture – The lead is then nurtured with automations giving them only specific information based on what they want to know and capturing more information about the lead until they request a quote.




  • Close – Once the lead has requested a quote or is classed as sales ready all details are passed onto the broker to complete the sale.




Let’s take a better look at the four main components of insurance marketing software.





The attract phase of insurance marketing software works in exactly the same fashion as how and why you came to read this blog right now.



There are a number of ways you may have found this blog article but most commonly you would have searched something such as “insurance marketing software” in Google and in the results you clicked on this article to give you the answers drawing you towards our inbound and content marketing company Crewdo, the founders of Broker Nation.



However, in your case you may have published a blog titled - “21 Insurance Claim Examples Café Owners Might Not be Covered for” attracting café owners that might be sceptical of the policy they have in place with a direct insurer, therefore, attracting this potential customer to your insurance brokerage.



So what happens next?






This is where the convert stage comes in and visitors to the blog article are converted into leads.



How is this done?



By offering further information on the topic in the form of a lead magnet.



You see, if a visitor reads your blog article and finds it to be very educational answering some of the questions they have then they are going to be very intrigued to know more. Usually at this stage it is not enough to make them pick up the phone and call, this is where a lead magnet works best in producing the most leads for an insurance brokerage.



For example:


Your blog article on “21 Insurance Claim Examples Café Owners Might Not be Covered for” could use the following lead magnet to convert your visitors into leads.




The lead magnet is gated with a landing page where there is a form to capture the visitor’s information in exchange for the lead magnet, converting the visitor into a lead.




So how do they get to the landing page to submit the form and access the lead magnet?



At the bottom of the page is what we refer to as a call to action, this directs the visitor to what they should do next and, if interested, the visitor clicks the call to action and is taken to a landing page to submit the form above and access the additional content.




And hey presto your lead is born, or in this instance our lead is born if you go through the process here and now complete ours yourself. Simply click the call to action at the bottom of this blog article to go to our landing page and if you are interested submit the form to access the lead magnet and experience the next step first hand!



This is the nurture phase and where things get really smart!






Based on the leads circumstances and the information they provided when accessing the lead magnet, they are segmented and nurtured with further information and personalised emails based on any other questions they may have.



Throughout the nurturing process the lead is qualified and segmented further based on the actions the lead takes and the additional information captured from them throughout the process, guiding them through the sales funnel to request a quote.



Through the nurture process there are various lead nurture automations running, managing all of the leads captured on autopilot based on the rules that are set specifically for the purpose and process of an insurance brokerage. However, a lead will only ever be in one nurture at a time ensuring that they are not bombarded with emails and once they reach the goal for a nurture they progress further through the sales funnel to the next.



For example:


This lead nurture email sequence example below is at the bottom of your sales funnel and is the last step to guide a qualified lead to request a quote.



At any time in this nurture if the lead requests a quote they are automatically taken out of the nurture so they don’t receive any more emails and are passed onto a broker immediately.




The best part is that throughout the whole nurturing process every email sent to the lead is personalised with the information captured about them and the emails that are sent come from you! So as the lead nurture automations do the work you build rapport with each lead at the same time, so that when it comes time to request a quote the lead feels like they already know you, because you are the one that has been educating them throughout the process.



At any point if the lead replies to an email in the nurturing process it comes through to your inbox just as any other email would for you to reply and engage with the lead.




Final Words


By bringing marketing’s most powerful tools together into one platform that focuses purely on an insurance brokerages marketing needs, you can now take hold of an insurance marketing software that does all of the hard work for you, providing  you and your brokers qualified leads that already know who you are and are ready for a quote.



To learn more go through the process first hand, download the guide “Website Enhancement for Serious Lead Generation” and see exactly how it works.

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