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Insurance Selling Strategies: The Best You’ll See in 2017


For brokers in the insurance industry referrals are your bread and butter, they are one of the best and longest standing insurance selling strategies available to you.



This is purely because when a lead is referred to you they are in the decision stage and ready to request a quote. Not only that, but the person that referred the lead has provided confidence to the lead that you are the best insurance specialist for them to be dealing with.



You see…



We all love simplicity and even more a sale ripe for the picking, in other words every salesperson wants plum deals sent their way.



Now imagine another insurance selling strategy that could supplement the referrals you receive and can be done with just as little effort on your part to receive an email notification with a sales ready lead.



Only when you get this sales ready lead, you receive all the data captured about the lead in a time line with the information you want to gather the most, such as:


  • Phone Number

  • Website URL

  • Company Name

  • Job Title

  • Number of Employees

  • Industry

  • Annual Revenue

  • When does their current policy expire

  • An entire history of the pages viewed on your website and when

  • And more.



Not only that but all the hard work has already been done educating the lead about who you are, the insurance problems they face, how you can help them overcome these problems and how you have helped other clients.



As a result, when you pick up the phone to call them they feel like they already know you.



This insurance selling strategy is called inbound marketing.



It uses the combination of content marketing and marketing automation to attract people looking for insurance, convert them into leads and then nurture these leads to a point where they are classed as sales ready then handed over to you to complete the sale.



Essentially it’s giving a potential customer all the information they want, when they want it.



It lets them go at their own pace, while keeping your insurance business front of mind and puts your best foot forward every time they want to know something.



Just like a great referral partner would, only it’s done in an automated fashion that can handle thousands of leads and gives you complete control over exactly what information is presented.



Simply put, it’s an automated lead machine that does it all up until the lead is ready to request a quote saving you a lot of time and headache.



Sound too good to be true?






The reality is that it’s already being done.



Let me break it down for you using the example of a new personal training business owner called Pete.





  1.  Pete is starting a new personal training business and doesn’t know anything about the type of insurance he requires. So Pete jumps on Google and searches “insurance for personal trainers”.



  1. On the first page of Google, Pete sees a blog article called “10 Things You Need to Know About Insurance for Personal Trainers” and thinks to himself “this is exactly what I am looking for” so he clicks on it.



  1. Pete reads the article, has his questions answered, becomes educated and starts to think, “this brokerage knows exactly what I need”. He notices that there is a free guide he can download at the end of the article called the “Ultimate Insurance Guide for Personal Trainers” so he clicks to download and enters his contact details in exchange.




  1. You now have Pete’s email address and you know Pete is interested in insurance for personal trainers.


    If Pete isn’t quite ready to request a quote yet that’s fine, there are automated emails educating Pete on the importance of using a broker with the next step outlined to download the guide “How to choose the right insurance broker” to bring him closer to requesting a quote.


    The nurture would look something like this:




  1.  Pete downloads your guide “How to choose the right insurance broker” in exchange for more information about him and his business.



    Pete now has some understanding of the insurances he needs and also why he needs a broker.


    Pete knows and trusts you.


    If Pete is still not ready to talk, the next automated email sequence nurtures Pete until he is sales ready and wanting to request a quote.


    This nurture would look something like this:





  1. Pete requests a quote, the broker immediately receives a “sales ready lead” email notification with the leads entire history and timeline for the broker to review and make the warmest of sales calls. 


    What’s important to know here is that a lead can enter this automated sales funnel at any stage and can also convert into a sales ready lead at any point throughout the process, meaning a new customer’s journey with your brokerage can start and end at different stages.


    Some prospective customers will want to do their own research before speaking to anyone.


    Some will already be looking for an Insurance Broker ready to make a decision.


    Some will already be with an existing Broker waiting to make a decision at renewal time.


    The trick is to cover all stages and have a system that can look after your leads and their respective needs to educate and nurture them strategically into paying customers.


    This example client journey showcases the basic elements of a modern “lead funnel” which uses the power of intelligent communication and automation to generate 100% qualified leads for your brokerage so that every sale can be ripe for the picking.



For more information on insurance selling strategies for your website download our free guide “Website Enhancement for Serious Lead Generation

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