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How to Choose Blog Topics for Marketing of Insurance Products


Selecting the topic on which you craft your blog post is one of, if not the most important, steps to crafting a successful blog post for the marketing of insurance products.



The topic and term that you want the post to show up for in search engines such as Google when potential customers are searching for answers and solutions, provides you with the intent of the blog article.



At it’s core, it determines how successful your website will be in ranking organically in Google and putting your best foot forward to attract people to your insurance products online.



Let’s look at 9 proven methods for choosing blog topics to market insurance policies:

1. See What Works For Your Competition




Tools such as AHREFS can tell you a lot about what is working for your competition.



All you need to do is add a competitor's domain or URL to AHREFS site explorer and it will provide you with an analysis of valuable information such as:

  • Best performing pages on their website;

  • Organic Keywords their website is ranking for;

  • Paid keywords they are targeting e.g. Google Adwords PPC; and

  • Backlink profile.



Being able to see what pages on your competitor's website are performing best enables you to see exactly what is currently working for them and then allows you to utilise methods such as Brian Deans Skyscraper technique.This means creating content that is better than your competitors and eventually outranking them in Google, sending traffic to your website and insurance products instead.



You can even track how competitors are performing in comparison to your brokerage if you are targeting specific keywords for certain insurance products.



As they say, keep your friends close but your competition closer!

2. Leverage "People Also Ask" Results in Google




This provides you with some absolute gold.



With all the data that Google has collected over the years, the search engine presents the most commonly searched questions directly related to the query you searched in Google.



Therefore, providing you with valuable insight into what topics you could be covering in your blog posts.



Simply search the insurance term you want to create blog articles about in Google and find out what related questions people most commonly ask in the results under “People Also Ask”.

3. Find Out What Already Works For Your Brokerage




Using Google Analytics you can see which web pages have had the most page views and also establish what your websites most common entry points are.



To do this in Google Analytics select “Behaviour” then “Site Content” and then “All Pages”.  



You will then be presented with a table that organises a list of your web pages in order of highest to lowest pageviews.



In this table there is a column titled “Entrances”, click “Entrances” so that it shuffles the results from highest to lowest number of times a visitor entered your website through a specific page.



Looking at the data you can tell very easily which pieces of published content are performing the best.



Take this information on board and create new blogging campaigns focussed on:

  • Subtopics of your best performing topics, or

  • The same format but for another insurance product you want to focus on.


4. Talk to Your Customers


Go right to the source and gather intel straight from the horse's mouth.

  • What information were they seeking to find out before buying insurance?

  • What was confusing to them when purchasing insurance?

  • What questions did they have in their journey buying insurance with you?



Asking your customers these simple questions will provide you with a tonne of valuable content ideas for your blog.



The worst thing you can do is assume you know what potential customers want to know. Your insurance logic has formed from many years working in the industry, on the other hand your potential customers has not.



They may have questions around the most simplest of insurance topics and if they do, you can bet many other potential customers do too!


5.Discover Customers Additional Pain Points by Interviewing Your Staff


Anyone that works inside your brokerage and that deals with your customers in one way or another will have been asked a different range of questions and holds the key to a lot of topics you could be crafting blog posts around.



The way in which each member of your team deals with a customer is different.



For example:

Some of the questions a receptionist is asked by a customer will differ to the questions a broker is asked, therefore, everyone on your team can provide a lot of insight based on their personal experiences with customers.

6.Utilise Online Tools to See What Questions Potential Customers are Asking




Tools such as Answer the Public and Soolve are great for submitting a topic and receiving a breakdown of questions that are most commonly searched online in relation to that topic.



Since it’s based on real data, this gives you a lot of valuable information into what potential customers want to know when they are looking for answers, insurance products and the best solutions.



Sometimes you will be able to build out a whole 12 week blogging campaign around the best questions you source from the results.



There are also a lot of other similar tools online you can leverage to build out a successful marketing strategy for insurance products.






7. Read Your Ideal Customers Conversations Online




Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organised by its community of users.



Here you can see exactly what some people want to know and it can give you a lot of great ideas on what you could be crafting blogs posts about for your insurance services.



You can even answer the questions people are asking in relation to insurance, linking your answer back to your website where they can find more information on the topic.



This will send relevant traffic to your website that may develop into customers for years to come.

In some cases this can result in a big increase in traffic if it’s a commonly asked and searched question.



You will notice that answers published in Quora are ranking organically in Google more and more often as people taking the time to answer questions are giving exceptionally in depth answers that searchers find extremely relevant, therefore, Google place some as the go to resource.


8.Keyword Research


You have to write blog content along the lines of what potential customers are looking for based on the words that they use to search for information on insurance products. These search terms are the keywords you are researching and then basing your blog post on.



The keywords that you use can make or break your attempts to attract traffic to your site, therefore, keyword research shouldn’t be taken lightly.


To find the right keywords for your insurance products you need to find the right combination of words, be sure of the exact intent of the keywords/search term and establish if potential customers are searching them.



Then you can move on to create content relevant to potential customers looking for insurance products.


There are plenty of keyword research tools for you to use. Here are some that you can use for keyword research:

  • Google Keyword Planner;

  • SEMrush;

  • Internet Marketing Ninja;

  • Uber Suggest; and

  • SpyFu.


9. Leverage Helpful Content Tools


Tools like Ahrefs or Buzzsumo are great for identifying trending topics in your niche.



Essentially, it serves as a place where marketers can discover the most popular topics that are relevant to their business including insurance.


You can use it to find popular articles in your insurance niche and establish what type of content is proven to work.



For example:

Say you’re writing an article on business insurance. Go to Buzzsumo or Ahrefs and type in “business insurance.”



You can see that an article written by American Family Insurance on “Buying the Right Business Insurance” has had more than 500 social shares.



Even though the article is nearly a year old, it’s still earning top ratings from its social virality.



What does this information tell you? It tells you that the article is great and that you’ll probably want to click through to see who wrote it and what they cover in the article.



From there you can take some of these points, make them your own and begin crafting a more in depth and educational blog post on the topic to publish to your website, marketing your insurance products and attracting new business.



To learn more on effective insurance marketing download our free guide “Website Enhancement for Serious Lead Generation”.

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