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Learn The Mistakes That Cost Insurance Brokers Millions Of Dollars Every Year


Let’s face it, getting insurance leads from your website is hard. Unfortunately, the rules of the internet have changed.

So why are some insurance brokers breaking new ground while others are struggling? One critical factor is having a website that ticks all the boxes.

Inside the “Insurance Broker’s Guide To Website Enhancement for Serious Lead Generation”,you’ll discover…

  • The deadly mistake that brokers make with their website… do this and you’ll watch thousands of dollars slip through your fingers.
  • How to get your website up higher on Google in 2017 using 4 keywords… get more traffic using this “dead simple” technique.
  • The 9 elements your website must have to catch the maximum number of leads… are you leaving money on the table?
  • This Firefox study uncovered that using this “lean down” effect, increased website conversions by 15.4%.
  • The broker’s “out dated” website element that plummets their Google rank and dries up leads.
  • The right way to set up an online request form to capture leads… most insurance brokers are doing this wrong.
  • The three “buyer stages” of insurance leads and why your marketing is falling on deaf ears.
  • And much more…

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